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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Main address: 1555 Regal Row 75247 Dallas TX
(214) 915-7100, , customersupport@sweepstakesclearinghouse.com
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  • $95.2K claimed losses
  • $554 average
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  • Jul 02
  • Products
  • Cuisinart Plus Kitchen Items
  • 16

I enter contests often but I don't remember entering that one. My daughter said it was a scam; now what can I do to get the merchandise or a refund? I'm 79 and live on social security and I'm not senile but I certainly fell for this scam! I feel a fool but this is illegal and immoral, at the very least! What is my recourse? *** ***! I don't have any respectable words to fill your 100 words... Read more

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  • Jun 23
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Buckeye, Arizona
  • Dell Laptop
  • 1
  • 22

I bought a laptop from there that i was under the impression that it came with a year warranty. I supposedly got a 400.00 off voucher for this so it cost me over 300.00 still for it. The laptop broke within 2 months and I barely ever used it, and they would not help me to fix it. Those vouchers that people get in the mail are not worth it, because the stuff is not worth the amount of money... Read more

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I got the coupons for 400$ off a laptop I mad loope my parents on time and the only thing I have again the company was the shipping came COD but I got my stuff on time wand in great shape. Any one who will take one half minute to look at what you have in your hand would see that it is NOT pch. Duh. What a great chance to get stuff on a layaway and get good stuff at a great price.

Myself fell for the scam too.but I order four out of six vouchers. N already mail them out know what did I get scam to useing my credit card.

  • Jun 02
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Federal Way, Washington
  • Tablet Delivery
  • 1
  • 78

I received the $400 vouchers in the mail today and was interested in the 9" tablet. I read everything I could to see if there is a catch somewhere and could not see any fine print where I was committing to some monthly agreement or some other scam like there are so many no a days. I came to the computer to see what I could find out about the company and found these reviews. I want to thank... Read more

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  • May 20
  • Desktop computers
  • San Diego, California
  • Dell Desktop Computer
  • 1
  • 77

I paid for a Dell Desktop Computer and I only got part of it the rest of was not a Dell,ok they had a picture of a complete Dell computer and I got a Gateway Monitor and a no name key board that broke a day later,so I call them and was told that the tower was only thing that was Dell ,now the picture showed everything was Dell and I ask them a bout the picture they said that all I get is... Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
  • Laptop Deal
  • 3
  • 144

I have been making payments of $25/month over the last six months and then came upon a really great deal for a laptop here at my local Walmart. I called Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Customer Service to get the details on this "Famous Maker Laptop" and then decided I would rather purchase the Touch Screen laptop for sale at my local Walmart instead, generally the same price. So when I called again... Read more

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  • Dec 12, 2013
  • Shopping
  • Prize
  • 1
  • 109

I received, as a "Consolation Prize," a number of coupons and foolishly ordered a Desktop Computer on Lay-Away. I've never bought anything via Lay-Away before. The information they provide, that describes the process, is purposely vague. I was told by one of their Customer Service Reps that the information provided, regarding my purchase, was clearly defined on the Coupon. ... Read more

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  • Dec 11, 2013
  • Products
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Laptop Quality
  • 140

So my relative bought a tablet and a laptop for christmas presents thinking it was a deal because the ad stated that she would be saving hundreds of dollars!! When we got it the tablet looked new with the plastic covering the screen and everything was packged. There was no name brand just a made in china sticker. The tablet is so cheap. My cell phone has better quality! there was hardly any... Read more

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  • Dec 06, 2013
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • 400 Vouchers
  • 3
  • 80

I paid $189 for an Elliptical Machine, with those $400 vouchers! They cashed my check for $189 and no contact, no tracking # no email! Calling my Bank and BBB now I have tried to get on their website today and called their number 214-915-7100, all disconnected and website does not work at all, how can this big company act like this, I am not sure what else to do but, call my bank and log a... Read more

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