if i had known i would never spent $439.14 on a second hand laptop. i have returned the laptop back for a repair 4 time.

they will not refund my money and the laptop will only last one month then something else happens to it. most of the time when i try to use wireless internet if some walks by me then i lost my signal. or if someone shakes the table where I'm working.

sometimes it freezes up and won't do any ting so the i have to send it back for repairs. if they would return my money i could add a little bet get a brand new on.

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I have order 2 TV from them and they have always been the model I ordered or better. This is a great way for someone who can't go out and buy direct do to lack of funds to get a quality item.


There is and old saying you get what you pay for,I wanted a good deal for alot of computer and got one that doesnt even work accept for the power switch,talking about a company that sucks this is the one. Avoid any contact bargin buyers head for the hills. :cry


i dont know about their laptops, but i know the electrnics and desktop are refurbished. most likely same with the laptop and on there advertisment it say on there refurbished..


did you assume or did you ask? Did you get your answer in writing?

If not yer screwed. Happy surfing!

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