Pound Ridge, New York
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I recently reported that I was waiting for computer

software from this company. I had waited a whole month. When they finally sent it this was after I called customer service and got the correct account #. When it finally came I had to pay an eextra $14.95 Ship/Hand by UPS...When I opened the box

which was suppose to contain 19 different software

packages. It turned out to be one disc with 19 programs and then on top of that they enclosed

about 8 brochures their junk mail which made the

package heavier than it should have been & some of these were multiple copies of the same thing. My point the junk mailings weighed more than the actual product!??? When I spoke with the customer

service rep she never mentioned i was going to be

charged and extra amount $15.00 just to get my package!!! A very bad, very *** & useless company.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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My mom ordered a tv with a built in dvd player, it was a piece of S**t. Once the tv got warm it would shut off, and half the pic has no color, when I tried to send them an email, it comes back no such email and its the same email they provide on they're web sight I have filed a complaint with the FTC everone should its the only way to put these guys in line with the junk they sell.


:roll everything you order has junk in it advertisment from the company other offers. it might take them a while to mail things, but you get what you order.

. i have not had had a problem with anything i have ordered

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