I'm writing on behalf of my 82 year old father. He handed an envelope full of Sweepstakes Clearinghouse (Arlington, TX) bait and switch nonsense.

My first response was to verify what I suspected were false posted prices for their prizes. Knowing how these kinds of bogus scams work I belived the prices posted, minus the $400 voucher, turned out to be the ACTUAL prices these ITEMS. A quick scan of the internet confirmed my suspicion. Easily verified.

Also, not sure how they get away with showing the trademarks of major brands but most of these SCAMS send out "no-name" products that are similar to the brand name products. The cost of returning them, even if you can, usually expensive to the return-sender makes just keeping them the only alternative. Many times the items don't work, are missing parts or are not what was represented. No contact, return or exchange information provided.

Consumers are "stuck" with it. If one accepted all six of the "consolation prizes" offered in this packet and paid the over and above the $400 voucher, the total would be $599.99 out-of-pocket to the consumer. $600! Which, for all that STUFF,Seems on the surface like a GREAT "consolation prize".

Holiday shopping all without leaving your chair. It's safe to assume the collective price for all of the Made-in-China knock-offs to SWEEPSTAKES CLEARINGHOUSE is pennies on the dollar with no risk to them becasue who are they REALLY? No contact information, no returns, no exchanges. STUCK!

I recommend putting all of their sheets of paper in the RETURN ENVELOPE THEY PROVDE with a different colorful metaphor scrawled every page. Pop that hefty little envelope in the the mail on their dime.

Their permit is by the weight and number of pieces returned. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

This reviewer shared experience about "bogus" and wants this business to "stop scamming people". The author is overall dissatisfied with Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. The most disappointing about everything in the eveleope utter junk from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse was wtf Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Kyle, Texas, United States #1339113

Call Edirect in Houston they ship their merchandise

Cambria Heights, New York, United States #1315395

My question is. How much does the shipping and handling cost?

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