camcorder dose not work i would like one that works i have changed batteries nothing happens this is a faulty camera i need an address to return this item for a new one that works.i like the camera ,i have friends that have one and have tried theirs ,and really liked the way it works and the weight of the camera. i would like an address that i can return this camera thankyou thankyou thank you thank you thank you please reply pleaSE REPLY .THIS CAMERA IS FAULTY OR WAS DAMAGED WHEN IN SHIPPING IF SO IT SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH SHIPPING AND HANDELING FROM PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE NO EXPENSE TO ME THANK YOU AGAIN GERRY DRINKWATER EMAIL NURSE19432bellsouth.net

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Well, I have received vouchers and after reading abouth the complaints PUBLISHER CLEARINGHOUSE can keep its cheap stuff!!! Thanks to all. VD form California.


The camera maybe faulth, but how is all the addtional sofeware?


i recieve stereo/cd/cassest/cabniet over 5 years ago still working . mail or return with packing label to them or manufaturer if still in most item you can send for warranty (name of product) p.o. box 560821, dallas, tx 75356-0821


i also reseived the credit voucher and not sure about this company. please reply.


this camera is similar to the DVC Cobra 3300 model which has all the same features except it has a 8x zoom. It sells for 116.00 on buy.com


if they are so reputable why dont they respond to email request. it is nothing reputable about this company and I am filing a BBB report.


Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

1555 Regal Row

Dallas, TX 75247


(214) 915-7100

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse is very reputable and I am sure they will be glad to resolve your problem.

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