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I have read that alot of scammers sell 'Sucker Lists" of the people who were dense enough to fall for their scams. Sweepstakes Clearinghouse is such an obvious scam that anyone dense enough to actually order anything from them would most likely be a prime candidate of getting ripped off for other scams.

This is one company that I really want to see go out of business. they say that they are "Sweepstakes Clearinghouse" What do they do, act as a clearinghouse for sweepstakes? No, there name is a very obvious attempt to confuse dense people into thinking that they are dealing with Publishers Clearing House. It should be obvious to anyone who receives their $400 "Consolation Prize" vouchers that they are a scam, just like it should be obvious that anyone who receives an email or letter from the people running the Nigerian Scam that it is a scam.

And not a very good one either. Even a fool could see.

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Hey, how's it going? I wrote the above review.

I was afraid that the Folks at Pissed off Consumer wouldn't print it because I was saying that anyone who fell for their scams was dense. I meant no offense to anyone by it, I just was commenting that it is such an obvious scam that only someone dense or SOMEONE WHO IS VERY INNOCENT AND TRUSTING would fall for their scams. I read the reviews that are before this one and several people are complaining that they didn't get the merchandise they ordered. i also read one where someone is asking to be mailed some of those $400 vouchers so that they can order themselves a laptop.

I wish that they would send me some more of those vouchers too, so that I could have a good laugh.

Anyway, I apologize if anyone was offended, but if you were offended and it caused you to wake up from your dreamworld and realize that you were about to get scammed and then you decided not to order from them, well good. Everyone should be told what a rip off and scam that this company is.

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