i ordered some cookware for sweepstakes clearinghouse and paid for it,now they want answer my emails nor can iget them on the phone,this makes me madi ordered these thing in the middle of feb.i have done bussiness with them before , so i thought they might be a good company to buy from, it was the stainless steel cookware set with the food processor,measuring cxxxxxxxxxxupsand spoons. quit a lot of pieces of cooking utencels.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx x x x x x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x

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