The Omni2 Camera was in use and the start button fell off. The camera would not function after that. It has been repackaged and ready for warranty return and Exchange. I read the advertisement DVC Digital Camcorder with a $400.00 off coupon, leaving a balance of $89.95. I purchased a Cashiers check from ky bank and mailed it to the Sweepstakes clearing house.The compact camcorder, digital camera and PC cam. arrived within 5 days by UPS Ground, and I wrote a personal check for $16.93 to the Sweepstakes clearing house for the shipping and handing.

Robert Oliphant

1012 NW 99 street

Oklahoma City, OK 73114-5510

Phone: 405-755-8680

E-Mail: bobone1@cox.net

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this camera is junk, i got the clearing house offer also, $489.95 with a voucher for $400 off, this type of husle should be outlawed. They have these cameras at big loots for $19.99 and there still junk.

the clearing house mailer says this camera is as advertised in popular photography magazine listing for $489.99?? right what a laugh. anyone that wants to throw money away go for it. if it sounds to good to be true it is, now body is going to give $400 away, and beside just think I won this supper prize??

along with another million mailers/winners.

a fool and his money is soon departed. :grin :eek :grin :? :grin


Do I have to buy the sd/mmc card to record longer movies? When I try to record it only records for 3 seconds. How do I fix that?


Looks like a return label was sent to customer on the 11th, so SCH can replace the defective item.

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