I did purchase this computer, and my son missed his plane because they thought is was a bomb. He had to fill out a 20 page document explaining where, when why he had it.

It was so humiliating, and costly. My daughter had to drive from one state to pick him up in order to get back to take his finals for college, while my daughter was also a college student. I find it difficult to deal with such a product, and when I tried to return it or call, I received no help, and basically told... No refunds.

Can I get one now that everyone else has been lied to too?

I would really appreciate you taking this 500lb weight back and giving me my money. Thank you

Monetary Loss: $500.

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California, United States #1029823

Fred Flintstone called, he wants his laptop back.


Wow..dumb *** lmao

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #974525

first of all how OLD is that laptop? it looks like at least 6-7 years old model.

second, i doubt it was 20pages that makes NO sense even to someone who talks a *** of a lot like myself 20 pages to describe when/where/why on something is just ridiculous.

third, it's not even close to 500lbs i understand you were saying that to make a point that it's heavy but come on be a little more realistic.

lastly, why would you complain on here demanding a new one or your money back when this is a PUBLIC complaints site and not one run by wherever you purchased that obviously OLD laptop?

lesson learned for your son, most any type of electronics getting taken aboard planes is going to be scrutinized especially one that looks like that one does.

be glad all he had to do was fill out some forms for crying out loud. you got your property back obviously which they could have held till they confirmed it was not a dangerous device.

to notgivingit #1060639

More like a 15+ year old model.

Clarkesville, Georgia, United States #706887

The advertisement does not say it is a refurbished laptop. I received a refurbished laptop not even in an original box. I am expecting a new laptop and If I do not receive one I want my mon :( ey back or a NEW laptop.

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