Received promotional with $400 discount coupons for electronics.There is a Dell computer offered at $679.95.

Less the $400 coupon would be a $279.95 purchase. It features the outdated Windows XP operating system, only 256 Mb of RAM (you should really have a minimum of 2Mb). Also, the hard drive is only 20Gb. That was a big drive 4 years ago.

You should get a minimum of 360 Gb for today's needs. This offer is a rip-off.

Don't waste your money.I cannot speak for the other offers, but if their hardware is as deficient as this one, look for newer products and better deals elsewhere.

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i paid for a dell desk top in full about 3 weeks ago and still have not recieved my merchandise when i went online to check my account it's now saying that mt account number cannot be found ! i can't wait until monday to call and see what they have to say. :?


Send for the same computer and have not recieved it yet. Do you have their address?


I'm happy I'm reading this.I was going to make a lump sum payment today to pay off the computer.

I won't waste any more money with the. Even though a few years back I got my mom a stereo which is still in working order.

Not the best but still working.I guess with electronics you have to be careful.


Thanks for the information.I was also mailed the same promo coupons, and I've lost enough money on certain items I have purchased in stores, so I don't need to lose any more on some bogus claims of merchandise.

Sorry you wasted your money, but experience I've found is the best teacher.

Also to be able to inform others is appreciated.:sigh

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