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I recently got this voucher in the mail for $400.00 credit to purchase supposedly a new laptop (brands stated Dell ,Compaq ,Toshiba) All I had to pat was $239.00 plus S&H ($61.35 which I did not know about until after the fact) When I received it via UPS ,the laptop was scratched & dinged which made me realize that it was refurbished.Unknown in the advertising .The laptop was charging for 24 hours .It will not turn on .My check was already cashed .

How can consumers be protected from false ads ?I am very upset Please help

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I agree they should let the customer know if they will owe a C.O.D.when they recieve

certain merchandise-same thing happened to me!

But overall i have been pleased with the quality of the products i have ordered & (Knock on wood) haven't had any problems,sounds like maybe i just got lucky.

The previous comments have made me skeptical about ever ordering again.Thanks

Bexley, England, United Kingdom #442508

you two are both as phony as the Easter bunny.. your scam business has been busted.. better start looking for work elsewhere scumbags.


@Rose - the insert that tells about the laptop and desktop products it says REMANUFACTURED and REFURBISHED in the descriptions, I was just looking at that.It also says 100% satisfaction guaranteed...

so maybe you should send it back and either get a refund or replacement???Good luck!


I've ordered many items from sweepstakes clearinghouse and been pleased with each one.I also ordered a laptop,changed my mind and sent it back,had no problem getting a refund.Happy customer.

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