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I am confused.I just received information about the sweepstakes clearinghouse by mail and i would like to order the RCA Stereo System, but now i am worried after reading the complaints.

I wanted to call ahead but cannot find a customer service number anywhere on the information if received. Please someone send me a number. I don't want to send money if there is no way of contacting them.

There are too many scams out there to be just sending money without the proper information given in the packetts that they send out.I HAVE to know what's going on BEFORE any money changes hands.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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I bought a computer from sweepstakes clearinghouse and the hard drive said it was 100% fragmented so I called customer service and they told me to call back in 40 min so I did and they were closed I called back in the morning and they told me they could do anything for me.


I think all of us that have been ripped off by them should file a class action lawsuit.I ordered a video camera that never worked.

I wrote it off as lesson learned and they still continue to send me this ***. I put everything in the return envelope with a note stating "QUIT SENDING ME THIS ***! YOU ALREADY RIPPED ME OFF ONCE!" and send it back.

Since it's a self addressed prepaid it's at their expense.Little consolation,I know, but it makes me feel better.


What a bunch of BS!How are these scams able to continue on?

I'm so happy I had the foresight to check this Sweepstakes Clearinghouse out before ordering !!Anything that sounds too good to be true ....back away and report the scam!!!


Just received a call saying we won 2.5 and a benz. Wanted us to send $480.00 by mail for registration and insurance on the new car. We were told to buy some pak at Walmart before they would give us the prizes


Got a phone call saying I won 1.5 million and a car....just that I got send money 370 to a Place in Jamaica by a name oraine blair. Is this a scam or not

to big al #820332

I got the same call but it was 2.5 mill and a brand new benz asking to send 250 dollars to this Oraine Blair. I know it was a scam because they had my name address and account # from my phone provider. Upon calling into my phone company they stated that they had not entered me into any contest or sweepstakes so b careful and dont send them anything

to SarahS87 #879114

I got the same call.I always look at caller Id and it was from Jamacia and it was a cell phone!

Do not fall for this scam. He said he was with Publisher's Clearing House.

I know they show up at your house.They do not call from a cell phone in Jamaica!

to Daisy May Marina, California, United States #1197620

According to a representative of Publisher's Clearinghouse is that they do not call you for any reason. I received a call from a guy saying that I won the $5,000 a week forever but needed my credit card to finish processing the order. I slammed the phone down in his ear.

Owensboro, Kentucky, United States #816837

i have been getting lots of phone calls telling me that i have won the sweepstrakes about 20 calls they want u to buy a green dot pak at wal mart 200.00 and they will deliver my money to me .One said i won 14 million wanted me to pay 1,200 to the blink divers for deliver

to gillimdebbie Bakersfield, California, United States #877074

Today, I got a call about $385,000 I had won and in the course of the conversation the gentleman, John, said I also needed to go to CVS Pharmacy to buy a greendot pak for $499.99. In the process of all this he said their computer system went down and they would get back to me to complete everything when the repairs were made. He has been calling me every 30 minutes to keep me updated, so I don't know if this is real or not!

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