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I would like to know if this vouchers I received are real

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I live in fla i use to buy stuff from u and i have not got anything frim u in along time my name is Georgia Alfonso


Yes, they are real. And so is the offer from your Nigerian friends.

Canton, Georgia, United States #1181006

NO!!! It's a SCAM to get you to PAY a HIGH amount of money for a LOW quality item.

They NEVER give you an EXACT MODEL NUMBER of the item, only a GENERIC listing, so you can't compare their piece of junk to an ACTUAL item and the current price it sells for. That is because what they are "selling" (more like SCAMMING!) is an OVERPRICED, OUT OF PRODUCTION, DISCONTINUED, or DEFECTIVE PIECE OF JUNK!!!

Put ALL that paperwork thru the shredder immediately!!!

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