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ive paid for cookware 114.57 and have not receive any thing they sent a letter they have my check and cash it and have not sentme any thine and that was dec 8th 2009 this is from sweepstakeclearinghouse in dallas texas 214-915-7100 wont answer the phone ladelle adams is my self i dont no the other people that with sweeps steakclearinghouse i wont my moneyi send it in in nov 29 they receive it the 8th of dec and they wrote a letter saying they they have it and was getting ready to ship itthat was the 8th of dec i keep calling no answer

Monetary Loss: $114.

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Newport News, Virginia, United States #802587

I'm glad I found this site. I was getting ready to buy freedom cookware.

I would had mad as u know what.

I will be sending junk mail back to them. They can pay for it.

Brenda in VA


Great site. I almost fell for the cuisinart scam... Id imagine all six of there products are junk


Thank you for your comments, not buying into these prices and products...


I invested 3 days of research and finally found out that the set is not cuisinart, but freedom from wearever. I called 800-295-9762 and was on hold forever and after extracting information from a rep I got the news that they are freedom, that the food processor is the one from cuisinart.

Glad I did my research, I am not buying into this nor am I getting the quickshot! thanks for your comments...


I checked this offer out before I sent in my voucher and payment. I am glad I did because of this site.

I will be sending the envelope back but it will be filled with religious material.


I bought into this. I pd $239.95 for the Dell laptop a $61.86 shipping handling fee.

$301.81 total

I got a out dated dell with windows xp that looks to be refurbished or used.

my bad is your reminder don't fall for it.


Thanks to all of you for your comments. I will be filling the envelope w junk mail & returning it.

I was actually considering buying this set until I found your site. Thanks Again


Thank God I checked these sites before I sent in a check. My sister always told me that PCH was one of the worst scams out there. I'm going to do exactely what those people did and fill the envelope with junk mail.


I too considered purchasing this "pan" deal. The way the add is worded makes you think the whole package is Cuisinart, but it is the cheap made Freedom, only the mixer is Cuisinart.

Glad I found your comments.

Likewise, I purchased the Alluma Wallet, the "Indestructible Credit Card holder", only when you put cards inside it won't clip closed? Another $15 down the drain.


Glad I checked this site first. Need a cookware set but had a feeling that this was another scam.

Will return the mail and report them to the Better Business Bureau in Texas! Thanks


i got the pans, loved cooking in them. now the handles are falling off.

they are so cheaply made.

i cut my finger on the metal that literally ripped off when the handle brok. DO NOT BUY THESE.


we recieved that vouchers by mail yesterday and plan to take the loptap and pay the amount of the balance,but i used to check this site before make a decition..and thanks for all the comments that i read..........


thank you people for your comments. my wife and where shopping for stainless steel cookware and where about to mail the $400.00 coupon with our $89.95 check.if sounds to good to be true, check their website..


I to am glad i checked this web site first.



I was getting ready to purchase the cookware until I seen all this on the sites. those computers are old as *** and you will really not be able to do anything with them, please don't waste your money on those.


Just happens that the junk fliers from Wal-mart and others came in today folded they all fit nicely in their envelope. They can pay the return postage for attempting to insult my intelligence.


Load the envelope with as much garbage junk mail as you can and send it back to them.

Nothing but a rip-off to attempt to take advantage of people with a false illusion of winning something.


I have priced the items on EACH of the "wonderful" vouchers I "won" via Publisher clearing House, and this operation SHOULD be in prison for all their rip-off schemes and anyone can buy them outright for LESS than the cost charge AND the voucher! WHAT a rip-off place this is besides being a pain in the a$$ with all their teasing mailers they send out.

I took my name off all the garbage paper and sent it back to them in their postage paid envelope.

They might as well pay a FEW cents for all the hassle they cause people. I hope everyone else does the same thing.


If we start sending mail back like this, before we open it.They will have to pay postage twice.Maybe they will learn a lesson, if we stick together.


I have just received the sweepstakes as well I was very interested in the Freedom 32-pc cookware set I also decided to research it online first and I came across this blog Well I can throw them away now


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