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I paid $25.00 on a Dell Laptop. I decided that I didn't want it, and that I wanted my money back.

I sent the company an email about this. They in return, told me that I only have $18.00 left on my account. They said that I could apply that amount to the clearance items. This could range anywhere from $9.00 to $49.00.

Meaning that if the item is more than $18.00, I would still have to make up the difference!!! This is outrageous. I will never again answer anymore of their prize vouchers! My husband warned me about them, but I did not listen.

The company still ended up keeping my money.

They told me that I was not entitled to an refund. Never again will this ever happen.

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wow did you read the back of your vouchers it tell you right on the back that if you do not pay it off no matter if you pay 120 on it they will not refund your money but if you buy it and then dont want it they will refund or exchange it for something else of equal or lesser vaule :grin

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