I just received a laptop that refurbished/old and it does not work.

I paid $500.00 Dollars and their voucher of $300.00.

I can not get no one to help me. They left me waiting on the phone for 35 minutes every time i called, then tell me that i have the wrong company, they say its clearing house and that their not associated.

I need someones help, I am ready to call help me Howard.

This was a gift for my kids , and just lost my job help.

The only # is 214-915-7100

My order is 0906120-435 e-mail dlartist2010@yahoo.com


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The people you need to call are Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. They are online and have contact information there if you need it.

They have nothing to do with Publishers Clearing house (other than they have a similar name) Not associated in anyway at all.

Publishers Clearing House never needs you to order to win nor do you ever have to send money( The recent 1 million dollar winner was awarded on february 25th on NBC news) From personal experience they have amazing customer service and cater to customers. I would call the better business bureau in texas(where Sweepstakes clearing house is located)


"The only # is 214-915-7100"

If you have the number, call the customer service line. They always help me.

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